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Regulatory Framework for Advertising in Oman

In Oman, advertising is regulated under various laws that emphasise the need for licensure and adherence to cultural standards. Here's an overview of the key regulatory aspects:

Licensure Requirements: Most forms of advertising in Oman require a license or approval from the relevant municipality or regulatory authority. The Minister of Regional Municipalities and Environment defines advertising broadly, covering anything intended for promotional purposes.

Prohibited Practices: Misleading or deceitful advertising is prohibited. Advertisements must include clear identifiers such as 'AD', the sender's name, and, if from a company, its registration number. There are no specific rules regarding product demonstrations, endorsements, or the use of disclosures in advertising​​.

Comparative Advertising: Comparative advertising is allowed, provided that the advertiser has consent from the author or owner of the used trademarks, copyrights, or products​​.

Cultural and Language Considerations: Advertising must respect Islamic cultural values and traditions. Arabic must be the primary language, with any other language used not overshadowing the Arabic content. The content must not be contrary to public order, morals, or security​​.

Specific Prohibitions: There are stringent prohibitions on advertising locations, such as government buildings, mosques, and historical sites. Advertising must not interfere with public utilities or violate public space regulations​​.